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Welcome to our best selection of scrolling games! Your source for the internet's most addictive and fun scrolling style games. Not only are our games fun and free to play, you'll find yourself playing these classic games for hours upon hours! We just added a brand new scrolling game, Earn To Die 2

Alien Hominid Scrolling Games
Alien Hominid
Your UFO has crash landed, and the FBI is out to get you!
Raiden X
Raiden X
RaidenX is a 2D vertical-shooter Flash game. There are 8 levels and this new version allows you to save your game.
Alpha force Games
Alpha Force
Use the arrow keys to navigate your spaceship, to FIRE press CTRL to drop a bomb press SHIFT. As you fly groups of alien pilots will attack you with a big boss at each level, there will also be ground attacks, so you have to stay allert and avoid all the weapons fired at you.
Paper Airplane Scrolling Games
Paper Airplane
Build the best paper airplane in the world! How to build it, how to fly it. It's such a classic scrolling game, that still stands the test of time
Midnight Strike Games
Midnight Strike
The aim of this great action internet game is to make it to the exit in each level. Kill all evil Cyborgs and avoid being hit or shot.
Colour Smash Games
Colour Smash
Move the block around with the keyboard. Try not to smash your keyboard, and stick to just smashing all the colours.
Zorro Tank Games
Zorro Tank
Evil scientist Karbafos with his war machines capture city Alhadar. Legendary Zorro Tank has only 1 day to kill all evil machines and release city citizens from terror.
Evolvron Scrolling Games
Fly around in your space ship left or right shoot at other spacecraft and destroy them before they evolve. After all, it's called evolvron for a reason!
Evolvron Scrolling Games
Helicopter Game
The classic helicopter game. It's all about getting that high score, and showing off to your friends.

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